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CraftBeerPi Interface Board V3.0

CraftBeerPi Interface Board V3.0

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This is version 3.0 of the interface board specifically made for CraftBeerPi. It simplifies connecting multiple temperature sensors, solid state relays, flow and level sensors (extra modules required) to the Raspberry Pi with screw terminals. It also has a couple of mechanical relays, which are ideal for fermenting by switching power to your fridge or heat pad.


  • Power Input: 12VDC - 5A recommended
  • Built in 12VDC to 5VDC (3A) power converter
    • For Raspberry Pi and DS18B20 temperature sensors
    • We set the 5VDC prior to shipping
  • 6x SSR 12VDC outputs
  • 2x Mechanical relays (250VAC/10A - 30VDC/10A)
  • 3x DS18B20 temperature sensor inputs
    • Up to 10x individual sensors
  • 3x Max31865 inputs for PT100 sensors
    • Max31865's not included
  • 1x Flow meter or Humidity sensor input
  • 4x Pressure/Level sensor inputs
    • Modules not included
      • 4 Channel IIC I2C Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 5V to 3.3V
      • 16 Bit I2C ADS1115 Module ADC 4 Channel with Pro Gain Amplifier
  • 1x Buzzer (on rear)
  • Additional breakout for such things as LCD or additional flow sensors, level sensors etc

The 12VDC supply to the SSRs ensures reliable switching, If switching directly from the Raspberry Pi, the GPIO pins output 3.3VDC. While this is sufficient for the solid state relays we sell, we can not garauntee this will be the case for other types.


  • Model: cbpi-board-v3
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  • Carl S. - Aug 30, 2019
    Makes it nice and easy to wire up. No instructions, but easy enough to figure out what goes where (which gpio corresponds with which port etc) Would definitely buy another one if I build another controller.
  • Philippe C. - May 30, 2019
    it's perfect