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4500W Stainless Steel Heating Element

4500W Stainless Steel Heating Element

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This is an Ultra Low Watt Density heating element. Due to the total heating element length, the power transferred to the liquid is spread over a large surface area to minimise the chance of the wort burning onto the element.

This element has been sized to be suitable for 20A power sockets, with some current to spare to still safely run another low current device, such as a controller and pump.


  • Power: 4500W @ 240V
  • Current: 18.8A @ 240V
  • Watt Density: 12W/cm2
  • Length: 350mm (flange to tip)
    • Foldback: 300mm
  • Tube Size: 8mm diameter
  • Flange: 55mm
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mount Thread: 1" BSP
  • Hole Cutout: 32mm


  • 4500W heating element
  • Plastic terminal cover (over 4mm thick)
  • PG11 cable gland (6-10mm cable)
  • 1" BSP lock nut
  • Silicone seal


  • Model: HE-4500W
  • Shipping Weight: 0.71kgs


  • Kingsley T. - Nov 11, 2018
    Since we have only single-phase power available, this is the biggest element we can use. The sealing mechanism on this works great against the (round) side of the pot. It did not need any sort of thread tape, and easily sealed against ~200 litres of hot water, first go, no stuffing around with leaks. The element base also has a handy screw attachment for the earth wire - a lot of elements don't have this, and it makes the wiring easier and neater. This element is only 4500 watts, but is able to bring 120 litres to 75C in a about an hour.