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Style: West Coast IPA
Source: DIY Dog – BrewDog

This beer is directly out of the BrewDog DIY Dog 2018 recipe book. I have had it previously from the bottle shop and was keen to get a tasty mid strength on tap for Grand Final Day at our house to space out the higher percentage beers. The final volume has been adjusted to 21L and the ingredient amounts to suit.


  • Pale Malt: 3,070g
  • Caramalt: 690g
  • Crystal Malt 150L: 210g


  • Citra Pellets: 95g
  • Simcoe Pellets: 67g
  • Mosaic Pellets: 69g

You will notice that in the DIY Dog recipe it calls for a mash temperature of 62oC. However, when putting this into BeerSmith it estimated the final alcohol percentage to be 4.5%. As a result this was adjusted to 68oC to achieve the desired 3.8%.

  • Volume: 22L
  • Strike Temp: 71oC
  • Saccharification Rest – 75mins: 68oC

Sparge to achieve starting boil volume of 27L.

Boil – 60mins:

  • Citra Pellets: 6g @ 60mins
  • Simcoe Pellets: 6g @ 60mins
  • Citra Pellets: 6g @ 30mins
  • Simcoe Pellets: 6g @ 30mins

As you can see this recipe calls for very little hop additions into the boil. The bulk of the hops are dry hopped mid fermentation.


  • Volume: 21L
  • Original Gravity (actual at 22oC):  1.042
  • Yeast: American Ale (ie Safale S-05)

Dry Hop @ 4 days for 3 days:

  • Citra Pellets: 83g
  • Simcoe Pellets: 55g
  • Mosaic Pellets: 69g

As I normally do, I added the pellets loose straight into the primary fermenter and then crash cooled to drop as much out as possible before siphoning to the keg.

  •  Final Gravity: 1.014
  • ABV: 3.8%

As mentioned above, the mash temperature was increased to 68oC from the original 62oC to acheive the same estimated gravity numbers as the original recipe. In the end both the measured original and final gravities came out 2 points higher than original recipe estimated numbers, so the alcohol percentage of 3.8% was achieved.

In regards to taste, the beer came out exactly like the tasting notes listed in the DIY Dog recipe book. It was a hit with my mates on Grand Final Day! Luckily there wasn’t too many of us on the day, so there was some left over to enjoy over the following weeks while reminiscing the Eagles Premiership!

If you are looking to get a great tried and tested mid strength on tap, this beer is definitely a great one to consider!

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