American Pale Ale – All Grain Recipe

Style: American Pale Ale
Source: DIY Beer Forum

This beer is attempt to clone the popular Feral Hop Hog from Feral Brewery located near our premises in the Swan Valley.


  • Pale 2 Row Malt: 5,100g
  • Crystal Malt 60L: 160g


  • East Kent Goldings Pellets: 20g
  • Centennial Pellets: 105g
  • Simcoe Pellets: 93g
  • Citra Pellets: 35g
  • Amarillo Pellets: 23g


  • Volume: 24L
  • Strike Temp: 68oC
  • Saccharification Rest – 75mins: 65oC
  • Mash Out – 10mins: 75oC

Sparge to achieve starting boil volume of 28L.

Boil – 60mins:

  • East Kent Goldings Pellets: 20g @ 60mins

Whirlpool – 10mins

  • Centennial Pellets: 70g
  • Simcoe Pellets: 70g

You may notice that the above amounts are both 10g less than the original recipe. This change was made as the IBUs were coming out too high in BeerSmith for whirlpool hop additions, so these adjusted amounts better reflected the intended overall IBUs of the beer.


  • Volume: 22L
  • Original Gravity (actual at 22oC):  1.052
  • Yeast: American Ale (ie Safale S-05)

Dry Hop @ 4 days for 3 days:

  • Amarillo Pellets: 23g
  • Simcoe Pellets: 23g
  • Citra Pellets: 35g
  • Centennial Pellets: 35g

I added the pellets loose straight into the primary fermenter and then crash cooled to drop everything out before siphoning to the keg.

  •  Final Gravity: 1.011
  • ABV: 5.6%

The final alcohol percentage is within 0.2% of the actual Feral Hop Hog, but that is splitting hairs as the gravity only needs to change by ~1 point to achieve 5.8%, which could easily be my readings. Side by side the beers are a very similar colour, albeit the original Feral Hop Hog is a lot clearer, which I am sure the clone will be after a couple more weeks in the keg.

Tasting the two beers side by side the clone does have a different hop flavour and aroma to the original Feral Hop Hog. Still very good, just different and seems more pronounced. This could be due to a number of things, such as dry hopping timing and duration, whirpool temperature or actual hops and amounts used etc. The bitterness is very similar though.

Having said that about the hop differences, the clone is very tasty indeed and has been popular with visitors to our house, so I am not fussed about this difference and will be keeping this recipe handy coming into the warmer months.

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