Black IPA – All Grain Recipe

Style: Black IPA
Source: Beer Recipes

This is a great beer that can be enjoyed no matter if it is hot or cold outside.


  • Pale 2 Row Malt: 4,800g
  • Crystal Malt 40L: 480g
  • Chocolate Wheat Malt: 240g
  • Chocolate Malt: 120g

The grain weights have been adjusted to be easier to order from your local home brew shop, but maintain the same ratios. The hop weights have also been adjusted to suit.


  • Columbus Pellets: 105g
  • Nugget Pellets: 75g
  • Cascade Pellets: 30g

Nugget Pellets weren’t available locally when I made this recipe, so I subbed them out with Chinook Pellets.


  • Volume: 25L
  • Strike Temp: 53oC
  • Protein Rest – 30mins: 50oC
  • Saccharification Rest – 60mins: 66oC
  • Mash Out – 10mins: 73oC

Sparge to achieve starting boil volume of 28L.

Boil – 60mins:

  • Columbus Pellets: 60g @ 30mins
  • Nugget Pellets: 30g @ 30mins
  • Columbus Pellets: 30g @ 0mins
  • Nugget Pellets: 30g @ 0mins


  • Volume: 21L
  • Original Gravity (actual at 22oC):  1.056
  • Yeast: American Ale (ie Safale S-05)

Dry Hop @ 7 days for 7 days:

  • Columbus Pellets: 15g
  • Nugget Pellets: 15g
  • Cascade Pellets: 30g

While the above says to dry hop for 7 days, I only dry hopped for a period of 5 days. There is a lot of information available and side by side brews dry hopping for different lengths of time with some interesting results. I also threw the pellets straight into the primary fermenter and then crash cooled to drop everything out before siphoning to the keg.

  •  Final Gravity: 1.014
  • ABV: 5.7%

This beer turned out very nice indeed. It is very easy drinking with a mild roasty flavour, but not as strong as a good winter beer. It has a good level of bitterness with mild hop flavour and aroma. If I were to change anything I would increase the dry hopping amounts maybe 50% to increase the hop flavour and aroma.

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